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                Tel:400-800-8605 / 176-1673-8512 Follow us
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                Magnetic bearing High-end rock drilling equipment Case

                Magnetic bearing / High-end rock drilling equipment More >

                研发平台 科技成果

                Customized energy saving and consumption reduction solutions for high energy consumption industries More >

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                Understand the real-time dynamics of Tianrui and provide product industry information More >

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                Magnetic bearing and High-end rock drilling equipment More >

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                Create low-carbon industry and realize green development

                Dedicated service, integrity, precision work and innovation

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                Pay attention to the introduction, cultivation, appointment and promotion of talents More >

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                The company has a pre-sales and after-sales service team with excellent technology More >

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                Recommend Products

                Customized energy saving and consumption reduction solutions

                Comprehensive layout of more than ten categories of magnetic levitation power technology products
                For cement, water treatment, thermal power, chemical, textile, pharmaceutical, paper, food and other industries
                Provide technical support for energy conservation and emission reduction to help achieve the "double carbon" goal

                View more product details >
                • Help double carbon energy conservation 30%~70%
                • noise reduction 80dB
                • Short investment return period 1-2 Annual cost recovery
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                Latest News

                Let you know the real-time dynamics of Tianrui, improve your product knowledge and provide product industry information


                Applicable industries of magnetic suspension blower

                After 6 years of R & D and market promotion, the maglev blower of Shandong Tianrui heavy industry can be rapidly applied in urban sewage treatment, textile, printing and dyeing, leather, papermaking, pharmaceutical, electronics, food and beverage, brewing and fermentation, chemical plating, iron and steel metallurgy, cement building materials, thermal power generation and other industries, and has been highly recognized by users.

                2019-6-28 More

                Enterprise News

                Leaders visit Tianrui heavy industry 2019-2-22

                On February 22, Liu Taifu, the newly appointed deputy director of the Organization Department of Weifang Municipal Party committee, visited ...

                Leaders visit Tianrui heavy industry

                Shandong Tianrui Heavy Industry Co. LTD

                Tianrui heavy industry was approved to prepare for the establishment of the national magnetic levitation power technology foundation and application standardization working group

                Shandong energy saving and environmental protection equipment industry chain "chain master" enterprise

                The first phase of the maglev Industrial Park covers an area of 67.8 Mu and has the capacity to produce 10000 sets of Maglev power equipment annually

                The second phase covers an area of 500 mu, which will attract the upstream and downstream enterprises of the maglev industry chain to settle in and lead the creation of a 100 billion level maglev industry cluster

                More >
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